Welcome in your 2nd Country Morocco

  My name is Abdul, I was born and grew up in Ait Blal, a small mountain village in High Atlas Mountains.  I am Berber and very familiar with the Berber culture and traditions of Berber people living in the mountains and Sahara.

  I had the opportunity to study English and Tourism after High School and completed a degree in Tourism.  Initially I worked as an animator in the tourism industry, but I missed the mountains and decided to enroll a training programme to become a mountain guide. I successfully completed the programme and since 2011 i have been a fully professional licensed Tour Guide in Morocco.
  I have been working as a Tour and Mountain guide ever since freelancing for many tour companies providing private and shared tours in Morocco.
  In 2017 i decided to set up my own business, due to my vast knowledge of the country and the great network of people around me, together with my steadily increasing customer base, Oblatours was born!
  I am now specialised in arranging travel packages and customized tours in Morocco. I work tirelessly to bring my customers authentic and personalised cultural experiences. I am also environmentally conscious and seek to contribute to the wellbeing and development of locals. I operate closely with our villages and village hosts to preserve their traditional ways of life as well as the surrounding natural environment.

  I love my country and my work and i want to provide you with the best possible guided tours of Morocco. Morocco is a hospitable country and i treat anyone who comes here as one of my sister or brother, so MRAHBA BIKOM (Welcome ).

For more information E-mail us at : info@oblatours.com


Phone and Whatsapp : +212 618 98 53 14

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